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Alison Lebowitz

Meet Alison Lebowitz, a sweet tiger-striped tabbie cat with
strong maternal instincts. As surrogate mother to three
adopted kitties, Alison has proved herself a very sweet
tabbie indeed! This unassuming kitty has endeared herself to
all those who are fortunate enough to know her, and
experience her unconditional love first-hand. It would be
hard to do justice to her in this biographical sketch.
Well, why not let Alison tell her own story.....

Hello. Let me introduce myself.
My name is Alison Lebowitz, and I reside with my feline
roommmates, Milo, Ditzy and Otie at Chez Lebowitz, with our
human, Ruth. Do you want to hear my story? Hmm.. where to

Okay, here goes! I was temporarily residing with a kindly
veterinarian who cared about homeless kitties, like myself,
and provided them with shelter until he could find adoptive
parents for them. While I was grateful for his find
hospitality, I longed for a home of my own, and a human, to
whom I could bestow my undying love and affection. I am by
nature, a nurturer with strong maternal instincts. I pined
for a special human to take me home, and vowed that if I
found such a one, I would lavish her with affection and
undying gratitude. My wait was not a long one.

One fine day, an amiable human by the name of Ruth, showed
up at the kindly vet's clinic, looking to adopt a kitty.
She had heard about a rescue cat she wished to bring home,
but the chemistry just wasn't right. The kitty did not want
to go home with her - that was quite apparent. But I sure
wanted her to adopt me. Do you believe in love at first
sight? Well, perhaps I am a hopeless romantic, but I do
believe in fate, kismet, destiny - call it what you will.
I was meant to be with Ruth, but I had to let her discover
that for herself.
Just when Ruth was ready to go home empty-handed, the vet
suggested "Well, there is another cat. Her name is Alison
and she is very sweet"! Meanwhile, I had been looking at my
intended human, and loving her from afar.
The vet scooped me up and presented me to Ruth, hoping that
she would realize what a sweet kitty I was. This was my
moment, and I knew instintively what to do to win Ruth's
heart. I rubbed against her very affectionately, and gave
her some very effective headbonks. I was purring away,
sounded like a feline Mazda revving up. There was a lot
riding on this performance, so I pulled out all the stops.
I made eye contact with her, and she was perceptive enough
to read the volumes written in my green-eyed gaze.
That clinched it! The next thing I knew I was in a
varikennel and off to begin my new life at Chez Lebowitz,
Ruth's humble abode.

Now Ruth had never had a kitty before, so I was the first
feline in her life. She fell head-over-heels in love with
me, right from the beginning. Her heart was putty in my
paws. She had to learn about felines, so my benign tutelage
began immediately. She proved an apt pupil. She soon learned
that when I rubbed against her legs in the kitchen, I was
reminding her that it was dinner-time. When I rubbed my head
against her face, she knew that I was expressing my undying
affection to her. At first she was baffled when I gently
kneaded her abdomen with my paws, when she was reclining on
her bed. Soon she realized that I was feeling secure in my
new home, and was recreating the safe feeling I had when my
mother was nursing me as a kitty. I taught her the
effectiveness of that time-honored feline tradition, "The
Silent Miaow", which has been immortalized in Paul
Gallico's book, which is a must-read for every aspiring
ailurophile. Yes, Ruth learned her lessons very well. Soon
she decided to adopt another kitty, so that I would have
some feline company. She returned to the vet's and was
conned into taking home too kitties, Milo and Otie, who were
brother and sister.

Milo and Otie adapted to Chez Lebowitz very well.
I was very nurturing to them, grooming them fastidiously,
and when food was offered, waited until they had partaken of
the feast, before I would take my own portion.
Soon we were all one happy family. Ruth dubbed us her
"Peaceable Kingdom", after the painting by Edward Hicks.
Since things were going so well with her menage, Ruth
decided to adopt one more kitty, a personable calico named
"Ditzy". That kitty sure lived up to her name, and invited
us all to play with her. She chose Milo as her wrestling
partner of choice, and still enjoys bouts with him today.
You may be familiar with Ditzy, whose moniker is
"Sumokitty", appropriately enough.

My life at Chez Lebowitz was idyllic. I enjoyed not only
Ruth's company, but my friendships with my feline roommates,
Milo, Otie and Ditzy. Then something unexpected happened!
I felt the call of nature, which is something that cannot be
denied. I fell in love with Milo, who had started to mature
into quite a handsome orange tabby. The attraction was
mutual, and we became lovers. Milo proved himself quite the
ardent suitor, and I was besotted with him.
Our love affair was sweet indeed. However, Ruth realized
that it would be impractical to fill a one-bedroom apartment
with a litter of kitties, and since we had no equivalent of
a feline "Malthusian Belt", Milo and I found ourselves once
again at the vets for our repective neutering and spaying.
To this day, Milo refers to what he euphemistically calls,
"that unfortunate operation".

Things fell back into place at Chez Lebowitz.
My days were busy and happy ones. I watched over my feline
charges, Otie and Ditzy. I snuggled with Ruth at every given
opportunity, and taught her many important lessons about
cats, life, and ultimately love.
I am a very contented kitty. Now I have my own website, and
have made many wonderful friends on the world wide web. Life
just doesn't get much better than this, if you ask me......

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