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Ruth Lebowitz - Calicocatgirl!

Greetings and salutations to all of my friends in both the
real and the virtual world. Happily, these days I find those
worlds overlapping, which I find quite congenial.
To those of you, who have not yet me, please allow me to
introduce myself.

I'm Ruth Lebowitz, a woman of wealth and taste. Well, if
truth be told, my state is a penurious one, although I have
been told that my taste is impeccable. If my name if
unfamiliar to you, perhaps you know me better by my
cyberspace nom-de-plume of "Calicocatgirl".
My claim to fame is that I am the abject slave of four
cyber-celebrity kitties, Ditzy, Milo, Alison and Otie
Lebowitz! These publicity-crazed kitties all have their own
websites, and have attracted quite a cult following on the
net. I am the drudge responsible for answering their
fan-mail, editing their websites, and catering to their
every whim and desire. In case you are curious as to how I
became the endentured servant to these megalomanial kitties,
it happened like this...

All my life, I had been an animal lover, but had never had a
cat, or rather, been owned by a cat. I considered myself a
"dog-person", and thought kitties were independent and
aloof, and had no desire for feline companionship.
Then one fine day, I found myself unceremoniously booted out
of my home of many years, and in an acrimonious separation
that made the "War of the Roses" look like "Rebecca of
Sunnybrook Farm, I found myself exiled to a shabby one
bedroom apartment on the wrong side of the tracks. Even
worse, I lost custody of my beloved doggy, and desperately
needed the unconditional love that only a dear pet could
bring. However, my building had a "no dogs" policy. So, I
listened to the entreaties of my friends, and adopted a
kitty - a sweet tiger-striped tabbie named Alison. She was
such a loving kitty, who literally dogged my every footstep.
Before I knew it, I was defintely a "cat person". Before I
knew what had happened, I adopted three more kitties, Milo,
Otie and Ditzy. There is no zealot like a convert.

One day I decided to try my hand at writing for the
internet. I wrote Alison's story for the Purina Cat Chow
website, and it was well received. Thus encouraged, I wrote
three more World Wide Kitty Pages, so all of my cats would
have their own pages. Then, I wrote my first website, with
Ditzy, my calico kitty as its subject. "Purrfection" was a
great hit, and was followed in rapid succession with
websites for Milo, Alison and Otie.
Much to my amazement, these sites attracted quite a loyal
following and the kitties found themselves feline
cyber-celebrities. As their fame grew, so did their demands.
My days were measured out not by coffeespoons, but by how
much of their fan-mail I could answer in an hour, and how
much shameless promotion of their websites I could
accomplish in one afternoon. Yep, I was no longer Ruth
Lebowitz - I had become "Ruth Lebowitz - Calicocatgirl"!

Ditzy, Milo, Alison and Otie have churned out websites of
their own, which they consider far superior than the
articles I wrote for them. Their fan-clubs continue to grow.
My role is that of the behind-the-scenes stage-mother, who
is the star-making machinery behind these popular
cyber-celeb kitties.
As for the kitties? There days are busy ones. They go online
and order 8 X 10 glossies, which they autograph by pressing
their paws on a stamp-pad. They go online and edit the
webpages that I have written. Their sites have been featured
in such venues as Webbie World, Soprano Connections, and
I-Love-Cats. What started out as a whim, has become a
Lebowitz Kitty cottage industry.
Do I mind being the abject slave of Ditzy, Milo, Alison and
Otie? Why, not in the least - I thrive on it. There are
worse things then being a "cat-lady". Just take it from

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