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Ditzy L
Location:  Bayonne, New Jersey
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Type/Breed:  A pleasingly plump calico kitty!
Sex:  Female
Age:  Five Years
Location:  Bayonne, New Jersey
Weight:  18 pounds of feline pulchritude and proud of it!
Hair Color:  Multi-colored - Brown, Golden, White and Black - A true calico beauty!
Eyes:  Golden
Favorite Food:  Meow Mix and Nine Lives Flaked Tuna with Egg
Hobbies:  Eating, creating websites, napping, eating, writing her memoirs, eating and more eating!






Meet Ditzy, an engaging calico kitty, whose considerable charm and charisma are exceeded only by her fondness for Meow Mix. Ditzy is quite a plump kitty, and considers herself, "the Camryn Manheim of the cat world"! She is fat and proud of it. She is also a member in good standing at Madame Troublinski's "Fat is Fun Furternity" as well as The Four F Guild at Ailurophilia. Let's hear it for all the fat cats!

When Ditzy is not busy consuming vast quantities of Meow Mix and tuna, she can be found typing away at her trusty iMac, editing her websites and shamelessly promoting them. She is currently writing a screenplay for the upcoming movie, "Ditzy Lebowitz - Superkitty!" She divides her time between Chez Lebowitz and L.A., where she always stays at The Chateau Marmont. If the mini-bar is not stocked with Whisker Lickins' she has been known to make a really big stink. Her posse, Milo, Alison and Otie often accompany her on these junkets into La-La Land, and constitute her own feline posse! Ditzy's star is definitely in the ascendancy. Her motto is "today the internet - tomorrow the world"!

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