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Milo Lebowitz - Orange Tabby!

Please allow me to introduce myself.
I'm a cat of wealth and taste.
Well, to be honest, I'm not wealthy, but my taste is
impeccable, or so I've been told.
My name is Milo Lebowitz. I am a handsome orange tabby cat
of considerable charm and charisma. I am also a very modest
cat. Modesty is probably one of my finest traits, as I am
sure you will agree. I am so suave and urbane, that I like
to consider myself "the George Saunders of the cat world".
Now George married two of the Gabor sisters - quite a coup,
don't you think?
I am a bachelor cat, and likely to remain so.
I had a brief affair with a lovely tiger-striped tabbie
named Alison. However, that sweet interlude was nipped in
the bud when I was taken to the vet for what I
euphemistically refer to as "that unfortunate operation".
While it is nice to look back on those passionate days, I am
perfectly content as a solitary gentleman cat.
Since I live with four females, Alison, Ditzy, Otie, and my
human, Ruth, I am very much the "man of the house", a
responsiblity that I take very seriously indeed!
I do all the manly things - watch for predators from my post
at the windowsill, catch vermin and present them as gifts to
the females, and sundry manly tasks. I am excellent at
sitting in the sun and taking catnaps - but very manly ones,
I assure you!
There are times when the company of all of these women
palls, and so I retreat to my lair under Ruth's bed. I refer
to my lair as my "sanctum sanctorum". It is peaceful and
private there, as befits a gentleman cat of my station.
I enjoy partaking a snifter of catnip brandy and savoring
fine catnip cigars which I keep in my own humidor at
Dunhills. Ah, life is good. There are far worse things than
being a bachelor cat residing at Chez Lebowitz, if you ask

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